Protocol 403 CKA

The 70% of women over 25 has one or more dark spots on face and décolleté. The treatment of these problems is always difficult and it is also possible that the hyperpigmentation spot appears again.


Depigmenting cream for localized dark spots caused by both environmental and intrinsic aging. Thanks to the combination of Cogic Acid, Azeloglicina® and Vitamin C, it prevents and corrects unwanted pigmentation.



Once or twice daily, apply a small amount to affected areas. Limit sun exposure.


  • Vitamin C and E:  powerful antioxidants; their association has a synergic action against Free radicals. Vitamin C is also an important depigmenting agent.
  • Azeloglicina®: an innovative and patented molecule with sebum normalizing and brightening properties; thanks to the presence of glycine, it also gives moisturizing and elasticizing effect.
  • Cogic acid: competes with and blocks Tyrosinase, the enzime responsible for melanin production.



  •      It corrects and prevents undesired skin pigmentation.
  •      It enhances skin radiance.
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