Protocol 203 Renewingskin


Skin renewal provides smoothness and enhances skin surface, slowing down the aging process. Its renewing action promotes skin radiance, improves moisturization and reduces wrinkles appearance. It has a double action: Removes & Regenerates 

  • The glycolic acid promotes exfoliation of the most damaged skin surface layer, making the skin compact and smooth. It helps to eliminate hyper pigmented cells allowing a better penetration of lightening complex based on Azeloglicina that gives brightness and uniform skin tone.
  • The constant application of the treatment promotes cell renewal by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in an improvement of the general trophic skin.

The renewing action is enhanced by the vehiculation of the components in cyclodextrins for a controlled release of actives, more effective and highly tolerable for all skin types.



Apply every night to clean skin, neck and décolleté. Massage the product until it is completely absorbed. Indicated to promote skin cellular turnover and prevent photo aging, Chrono aging, hyperkeratosis, acne imperfections, hyperpigmentation and skin dyschromia. Renewingskin CreamGel is recommended before and after a peeling treatment (2-3 weeks).



  • Glycolic acid: provides skin hydration and smoothness through an exfoliation of the corneum layer. It promotes skin cellular turnover counteracting chronological ageing.
  • Azeloglicina®: derivative of Azelaic acid and glycine with a lightening, sebum-normalizing, moisturizing and skin firming action.
  • Red alga gel: filmogenic gel obtained from red algae. It has a tensor effect and a refreshing action. It provides a silky, soft and hydrated skin.
  • Panthenol: improve skin hydration, softness and elasticity. It has a soothing effect on irritated skin and promotes tissues repair. 



  • It improves skin smoothness, making it more compact and uniform.
  • It returns a brighter complexion and reduces skin dark spots.
  • It improves skin hydration, reduces wrinkles and has a progressive restoring action.  
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