Protocol 203 Post-treatment with antimicrobial agent


Protocol 203 Post Treatment with antimicrobial agent has a soothing and re-epithelizing action, ideal for all kind of aesthetic treatments (surgical and non-invasive). Thanks to antimicrobial actives, it protects the treated area restoring the conditions of skin pureness and avoiding the infections of the injured area.



Apply generously to the treated area, spreading uniformly. Repeat the application 2 or more times a day during no less than two weeks, until complete re-epithalization.



  • Soothing complex: containing Ginger Extract, Alfa Bisabolol, Avenatramide, Aloe Vera and 18beta Glycyrrhetic Acid, which acts on the different mediators of the inflammatory process.
  • Triclosan: thanks to its antimicrobial property, it restores the skin conditions, avoiding the infections of the injured area.
  • Re-epithelizing complex: a pool of actives (pomegranate sterols, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E) that work synergistically to repair the skin hydrolipidic film.
  • Protective/emollient complex: Rose Mosqueta oil restore the skin barrier function; Shea butter has, instead, an emollient action.



  • It has a soothing and re-epithelizing action of the treated area.
  • It avoids infections of the injured area, restoring skin normal conditions.
  • It has a protective and emollient action, restoring the skin barrier function.
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