Protocol 203 Post Surgery tasgel


Clear silicone gel, composed of a water-in-oil micellar emulsion that helps the regular healing of wounds. The micelles micro-size allow an exceptional penetration of substances through the skin. This innovative formulation ensures a greater effectiveness thanks to a combination of active ingredients.



Apply a small quantity twice a day to the affected skin. The gel tends to dry quickly. Use it for at least one month; continue for further 4 weeks in case of hypertrophic scars and for 4 months in case of keloids.

Do not apply it on open and fresh lesions.



  • Cyclopentasilicones mix: allows an action of modulation on the fibroblasts and on the keratocytes, in a water and sweat resistant formulation with the aim of maintaining adequately hydrated the treated skin.
  • Polysaccharides derived from aloe vera: moisturizing, stimulates the immunological defences and anti-radical function. They modulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Flavonoid echinacoside: inhibits the release of prostaglandins E2 with the consequent blockage of the oxidation cascade and inhibition of the stimulation of inflammatory process.
  • Elastocell: stimulates the cellular turnover, allows to accelerate the wound healing and control the cellular dermo-epidermal homeostasis.



  • It reduces the onset of hypertrophic scar in 45% of treated cases at 6 months after surgery.
  • It reduces significantly the thickness of hypertrophic scar.
  • It increases skin elasticity.
  • It reduces the itching and erythema sensation of the lesion in 85% of treated cases.
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