Protocol 203 Post-Blepharo

Like any procedure of aesthetic medicine, blepharoplasty presents complications that can occur after the in-studio session. The most common are: onset of oedema and ecchymosis, little cysts, hypertrophic scars.


Protocol 203 Post-Blepharo is a watery gel with moisturizing and sebum-normalizing activity, ideal after blepharoplasty procedures in order to ensure a correct post-surgical recovery, promote the healing and reduce the onset of bruises and cysts. Its formulation has been developed to meet the skin needs in the periocular area, respecting its physiological sensitiveness and promoting a rapid healing.


Apply twice a day to the clean skin of the eye contour, after removing the stitches. The rollerball massage helps reduce the swelling. Continue the treatment until necessary.


  • ARNICA DRY EXTRACT: It performs a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory action and promotes wound healing.
  • HYALURONIC ACID: A naturally occurring polysaccharide that foster skin hydration, plumpness, firmness and elasticity.
  • TIOLISINA® COMPLEX: Aqueous combination of sulfureted amino acid derivatives salified with lysine, it performs a sebum-normalizing effect.
  • PANTHENOL AND GLYCEROL: Panthenol promotes cellular renewal and increases skin elasticity, while maintaining the wounds smooth and helping creating new healthy cells. Glycerol performs a humectant, moisturizing and protective activity.
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