Protocol Pure Serum Retinol


Ideal treatment to combat and prevent the typical signs of senescence. It favors the reduction of wrinkles and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, ensuring to skin softness and elasticity. It has an anti-age action, against micro-wrinkles and skin dyschromia.



Apply as necessary and for definite periods (ex. 15 days per month). Use twice a day on cleansed skin. Apply to the whole face, neck and décolleté until complete absorption.



  • Retinol: it is the anti-aging vitamin. It acts on skin, at the level of basal cells, where it modulates the keratinocytes production and stimulates the cellular turnover, giving moisture and brightness to the skin. It also regulates the production of melanin, combating skin dyschromia.



  • Reduces skin dyschromia.
  • Attenuates wrinkles and deep signs due to time and photo aging.
  • Fosters cellular renewal, promoting a smoother, more luminous and hydrated skin.
  • Performs a superficial exfoliating action, which helps to minimize the pores dilatation and correct imperfections.
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