Protocol 506 In & Out Draining Supplement


Protocol 506 IN & OUT Draining supplement is a nutritional supplement made from bromelain from pineapple, Asian Centella, red vine, plant extracts and vitamin C, which is able to promote a body fluid drainage, to combat cellulite and performs an important antioxidant action. GLUTEN FREE



It is advised to take one or two pills per day after the main meals with water.



  • Asian centella: Useful for preventing and treating venous insufficiency, visible capillaries as well as the weakening of blood vessels.
  • Meliloto: Capable of improving the lymphatic draining therefore contrasting the water retention.
  • Bromelina: This enzyme is useful in order to improve the circulation and the trophic skin, contrast the varicose veins and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Ortosiphon: It favors the removal of sodium chloride, contrasting the water retention.
  • Betulla e.s.: The birch sap reduces swelling, increases diuresis and helps to fight inflammation also in case of a dated cellulite.
  • Vitis vinifera: The active principles belong to the bioflavonoids category and execute an intense antioxidant and protective activity mainly found at a cardiovascular level.
  • Vitamin c: Antioxidant, water soluble vitamin.



  • It helps to contrast the cellulite imperfections.
  • It performs a draining action.
  • It stimulates the dermal microcirculation.
  • It helps to alleviate the feeling of tiredness of the legs.
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