Protocol 503 Hyper-moisturizing Dry Skin

The concentrated formulation makes it particularly appropriate for face or specific areas that can benefit from a more marked moisturizing activity and a restructuration of the corneum layer barrier. No preservatives and perfume. Hypoallergenic: suitable for all skin types.



The combination in a single ingredient of essential lipids (cholesterol, ceramides, free fatty acids or their precursors) with a wetting sugar (trehalose), allows a considerable increase in skin hydration, providing a useful contribution to the disorders treatment of skin barrier.



Recommended for all skin types in case of a high dry skin, atopic or contact dermatitis and disorganization of the corneal layer. Hypoallergenic, no preservatives and perfume. Apply twice a day to cleansed face, avoiding eye area.



  • Tri-solve™: Unique ingredient that combines the essential lipids of the cell barrier, cholesterol-ceramide-free fatty acids, with trehalose, a highly moisturizing sugar.



  • This innovative biochemical combination, as well as allowing a definitive repair of the skin barrier, improving the appearance of the skin, reduces the penetration of sensitizer agents and chemical agents.
  • Decreases the release of pro-inflammatory mediators induced by altered barrier function.
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin.
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