Protocol 3D Nourishing shampoo

Hair lifecycle is on average 5-6 years. Over the years, hair become thinner, fragile, dry and damaged. These changes are caused not only by aging but also by external aggressions (UV rays, aggressive products, brushing, hair straightener and coloration) or by particular conditions (stress, use of drugs, slimming diet).



Specifically formulated for damaged and mistreated hair, thanks to the combined action of its active ingredients with repairing and anti-age action, it is ideal for all kind of hair. Thanks to its gently action, without SLES, it is also suitable for frequent usage, since it preserves the integrity of hair proteins and gives new brightness and volume to hair.



Apply and massage gently the whole scalp and hair, let it work a few minutes and then rinse off. Complete the treatment with the Cream and the Serum.



  • Hairapp: complex of amino acids with a structure similar to the hair’s one; it has a strengthening and restorative action similar to the one of Keratin that fills in the gaps of fibers’ cortex.
  • Ceramide ii: natural components of the hair, Ceramides are cementing substances. They build external cohesion, protect hair structure and smooth the cuticle surface.
  • Hyaluronic acid: It has a moisturizing action, it helps restore hair water balance, protecting the hair From excessive strains as well.
  • Wheat germ: with its long-chain fatty acids it has important emollient properties, able to relieve dryness, add softness and moisture to hair. 



  •      Thanks to its actives, it cleans hair gently.
  •      Hair are nourished, protected, hydrated, stronger and healthier.
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