Protocol High-Tech Skin Reset


Protocol HIGH-TECH Skin Reset is an exclusive 28 single-dose treatment, able to help skin to protect from the damages of free radicals and AGEs, which are caused by the exposure to UV rays or pollutant agents and lead to oxidative stress and premature aging.



Apply at night to clean skin, using one phial a day for 28 days. Repeat the treatment 2/3 times a year.



  • Antioxidant and anti-glycation dipeptide: a derivative of Azelaic acid with L-alanine and histidine. It performs an antioxidant activity against free radicals and counteracts the glycation process caused by AGEs
  • Restructuring anh hydrating complex: composed of Trehalose, Ceramides and Cholesterol, it is able to hydrate skin and restore its barrier function, therefore reducing dehydration and TEWL (water loss). Trehalose performs an anti-pollution activity by enhancing cells autophagic process, meaning that it helps lysosomes (skin “landfill”) to clean skin from toxic and harmful substances



  • It counteracts the process of skin aging and reducing AGEs production
  • It improves skin hydration
  • It has a detox and anti-pollution activity.
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