Protocol HIGH-TECH Serum-in-oil


Protocol HIGH-TECH Serum-in-oil owns an innovative formulative technology: it’s a serum enriched with oil’s micro-particles to act deeply in the skin layers filling the cutaneous deficiencies caused by a slowed-down metabolic activity.



Apply 3-5 drops to the clean skin of face, neck and décolléte with circular massages, until fully absorbed. Before application, it is possible to mix on the palm of the hand some drops of Serum-in-oil with the hydrating cream.



  • Antiglycating and antioxidant di-peptide: they counteract the negative activity of free radicals and AGEs (advance glycation end-products) for a comprehensive anti-age activity.
  • Red alga gel: Pacific Ocean red algae extract with film-forming, hydrating, refreshing and antioxidant properties.
  • Maracuja oil: passion fruit extract, it is a oil rich in nourishing properties and skin benefits, thanks to the presence of bioflavonoids, Vitamins A and C, and β-Carotene.



  • It moisturizes and protects skin acting at a surface level.
  • It acts in depth with a re-densifying and nourishing activity..
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