Protocol HIGH-TECH Bioactivator

As the years go by, cellular metabolism slows down and skin loses its ability to renew and react quickly to changes. This process is directly reflected on skin as skin aging: wrinkles formation, loss of tone and firmness, dehydration etc.


Protocol HIGH-TECH BIOACTIVATOR is a face cream inspired by the power of skin resilience, able to re-activate skin energy in order to counteract the signs of stress caused by an intensive and hectic lifestyle. Thanks to its special formulation, enriched with extremely effective active ingredients, it repairs and protects skin from external attacks, rebalancing its energy levels.


Apply to face, neck and décolleté directly on clean skin or after a serum, gentle massaging until fully absorbed


    • BIOACTIVATOR COMPLEX2: A mix of natural origin active ingredients (Açai e Ginseng) able to awaken cellular metabolism, rebalancing the loss of skin energy in order to help skin to effectively respond to the attacks of daily stress.

    • MALACHITE: Known as “Crystal Botox”, it is extracted from copper; it helps to protect skin from oxidative stress and attacks of external agents by promoting an antioxidant and detox activity. Moreover, it fosters the production of Collagen and Elastin, improving skin elasticity.

    • ARGININE: a basic amino acid constituting skin NMF. It performs a repairing, conditioning and hydrating action. Its molecular structure allows it to attract water and keep it stored, avoiding the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

    • ICE-SENSE: A natural derivative of Menthol, it is gentler and more tolerated compared to the latter and therefore safe also for sensitive skins. It promotes a refreshing action and gives relief to tired and stressed skin, stimulating cellular energy.

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