Protocol 911 Wrinkles Filler

Protocol 911 Wrinkles Filler is a silicone gel that acts as a cosmetic filler: corrects deep wrinkles and expression lines with an immediately visible effect. At the same time, it performs an anti-age activity.



A unique anti-wrinkles gel treatment that acts like a filler by re-plumping wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to an optical effect it also guarantees an immediate result.



Daily treatment. Apply directly to wrinkles and fine lines by tapping until fully absorbed.



  • Synergic anti-age complex bipure: a new anti-age tetrapeptide (BIPURE) that stops the oxidative damage and inhibits glycation of dermal proteins, two of the main causes of skin aging. It repairs, regenerates and fortifies the skin barrier with anti-wrinkle benefits.
  • Micro algae gel: instantly lifts and tightens skin. In addition, it protects the skin from oxidative stress.
  • Silica spheres “soft focus”: lighting up wrinkles and fine lines furrows dark area, they reduce the appearance of age signs.
  • Elastomers of silicone nature: they improve the texture’s sensorial feel and assure a mat effect and a good adherence of make-up.



  • Immediately reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by re-plumping them with an optical effect.
  • Day after day, it lifts wrinkles from insides by guaranteeing an anti-aging and anti-glycation activity.
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