Protocol 911 Enlightening Serum All-in-One

Protocol 911 Enlightening Serum All-in-One is a necessary skin perfecter capable of improving skin texture, brightening the complexion and reducing imperfections.

As part of the Emergency Response Line it ensures a lasting action over time, but also an immediate visual effect, for a visibly brighter skin.



Protocol 911 Enlightening Serum All-in-One is a complete concentrated treatment, which represents the first fundamental gesture in order to awaken the face skin.

Its constant use restores light and youthfulness to lifeless skin and effectively prevents signs of skin aging.

The iridescent texture absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Thanks to its active ingredients, Protocol 911 Enlightening All-in-One Serum has a threefold complementary action:

  • Enlightens: reflective Mica for an immediate and visual effect and Azeloglicina for an effective treatment in time.
  • Corrects: the color and imperfections by filling the skin furrows while contrasting the typical greyness of a tired and stressed skin.
  • Fights skin aging: Panthenol, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Elastocell stimulate collagen production and contrast the oxidative processes, which are the origin of skin aging.



Apply Protocol 911 Enlightening Serum as a primer to cleansed skin before the normal cosmetic treatment. Apply all over the face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed. In order to enlighten the strategic points of the face, apply by tapping a small drop of the product after the make-up.



  • Azeloglicina and Mica: Azeloglicina plays a lightening, sebum normalizing, moisturizing and smoothing action. It also weakens the skin spots caused by the sun or aging. Mica is a pigment capable of correcting the skin shade, which has an immediate optical effect. While Azeloglicina acts over time, the Mica gives an immediate distinguishable effect.
  • Vitamin E and Elastocell: protect skin cells from Free Radicals. While the Vitamin E defends the cell wall, Elastocell protects the internal water-soluble environment.
  • Hyaluronic acid: plays a significant role in the vital layers of epidermis; located among keratinocytes, it is the connective matrix that allows the transit to skin nutritional factors.
  • Panthenol: vitamin with a soothing effect ideal for sensitive skins.
  • Moisturizing complex: Composed by a Hyaluronic acid derivative along with natural polysaccharides, which has a strong filmogen action, it ensures the fixation of water molecules and slows the evaporation, thus keeping the physiological hydration of the skin, softening and making the tissues of the epidermis significantly more elastic.



  • Enlightens skin tone.
  • Acts against aging signs.
  • Performs an antioxidant action, corrects skin flaws and makes skin soft and hydrated.
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