Protocol 206 Anti-age Miorilax bigel

Protocol 206 Anti-age Miorilax bigel performs a specific anti-age action in order to contrast the loss of skin tone. It lifts up the face contour and ensures a reshaping effect against wrinkles and fine lines.



Biphasic gel with a reshaping and lifting effect. Thanks to its special ingredients, it mimics the action of botulin toxin by reducing skin muscle contractions fostering the prevention of new wrinkles formation. In addition, it has been enriched with anti-age and antioxidant active ingredients.



Daily treatment recommended for all skin types. Apply twice a day to cleansed skin.



  • Protocol α: DirectaLab license with an antioxidant and radical-scavenging action 5 times stronger than Vitamin C. It reduces up to 50% Free Radicals, increasing the cutaneous availability. Moreover, it improves dermal repair.
  • Botoxlike complex: Hexapeptide able to counteract the action of SNAP 25 protein and minimize smooth muscle contractions that lead to the formation of furrows, wrinkles and lines.



  • It improves skin brightness.
  • It increases firmness and preserves skin elasticity.
  • It minimizes and prevents wrinkles appearance.
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