Protocol 206 Intensive Multi-Treatment Face Mask

Protocol 206 Intensive Multi-treatment Face Mask performs a strong action against Free Radicals and guarantees an effective anti-age activity.



It is an intensive nutrient facial treatment through a high concentration of Protocol Alfa, DirectaLab license. It furthermore contains a derivative of Hyaluronic Acid and a mix of three oils for a moisturized, soft and nourished skin.



Apply a rich amount of Protocol 206 Intensive Multi-Treatment Face Mask to face and neck with a circular massage. Lightly tap and let act for ten minutes. Remove the excess with a wet sponge.



  • Protocol α: DirectaLab license with antioxidant e anti-radical action 5 times stronger than Vitamin C. It reduces up to 50% the presence of Free Radicals, increasing the cutaneous oxygen availability. Moreover, it helps to rebuild the connective tissue.
  • Restoring complex with 3 oils: mix of three oils known for their effectiveness: Camellia oil, Olive oil and Soya oil ensure softness, nutrition and protection of the skin.
  • Moisturizing complex: Composed by a Hyaluronic acid derivative along with natural polysaccharides which has a strong filmogen action, it ensures the fixation of water molecules and slows the evaporation, thus keeping the physiological hydration of the skin, softening and making the tissues of the epidermis significantly more elastic.



  • It establishes an extraordinary source of energy for the skin and ensure an incomparable anti-age action.
  • It guarantees a fresh and firm skin.
  • It prevents and contrasts apparent age signs.
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