Protocol 206 Anti-age Cleansing Milk 3 in 1

Washing and cleansing of the skin are the first essential steps in any dermocosmetic treatment. For a more reliable effectiveness, cleaning is not enough; it is necessary to properly prepare the skin for everyday cosmetic treatments.


Anti-age Cleansing Milk 3 in 1 is the ideal product for a daily cleansing. It is a simple gesture for a triple action; it removes makeup, gently exfoliates and, thanks to Protocol α, is an effective anti-aging. Suitable for all skin types, it ensures a deep cleansing of the skin and prepares it to receive subsequent cosmetic treatment, facilitating the absorption of their active principles.


Daily treatment on mornings and evenings. Apply the milk with a cotton swab to the entire face, cheeks, chin and forehead. Extend with circular movements and remove impurities.



  • Cleaner complex: A mix of active gently cleaning able to remove make-up and thoroughly clean the facial skin.
  • Skin preparing complex: Based on an amino acid pool that removes impurities, firms the skin, and promotes the cell turnover and skin elasticity.
  • Protocol α:  DirectaLab License, it reduces up to 50% the free radicals percentage, therefore increasing the supply of oxygen to the tissues and helping the reconstruction of the connective tissue. The result is a drastic reduction of wrinkles and an increased skin firmness.



  • It is a dense but not greasy cleanser which cleanse in depth.
  • It carries out a gentle exfoliation, which removes impurities, promotes greater firmness and greater epidermal cell turnover.
  • It prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments, facilitating the absorption of active ingredients.
  • It carries out anti-aging action thanks to the presence of Protocol α, a powerful antiradical oxidant.
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