Protocol High-Tech Post-Hair Removal gel

While ensuring excellent results, hair removal treatments might cause side effects such as erythema and folliculitis, furthermore, they are never definitive and need, in any case, more sessions. For this reason, DirectaLab Laboratories have created Protocol High-Tech Post Hair Removal Gel.

Multifunctional gel post-hair removal, easy and fast absorption, able to optimize the skin subjected to hair removal treatment. Furthermore it inhibits and delays the regrowth of hair, allowing the thinning and weakening.

Ideal before and after all treatments of hair removal to soothe irritated skin and reduces the regrowth process. Product for both face and body.



A post-hair removal poly-functional gel, with an easy and fast absorption, able to optimise the situation of the skin subject to a treatment of hair removal and, at the same time, inhibit and reduce the regrowth of hair, promoting its thinning and weakening.



Spread after hair removal with a light massage on the treated area. Apply once a day for 7 days following the treatment. Repeat the application before and after any type of hair removal.



  • Papain: Enzyme extracted from papaya fruits, which acts on the hair matrix slowing the proliferative activity and thus reducing the regrowth. In addition, it has a gentle exfoliating action on the skin, removing dead surface cells. The result is a brighter skin.
  • Extract of gymnesia silvestre: Significantly inhibit the activity of the hair follicles, helping the weakening and thinning of the hair.
  • Triclosan: An ideal antiseptic for the prevention of folliculitis phenomena.
  • Panthenol and glycerin: Panthenol's protective and soothing properties and Glycerin’s moisturizing properties restore the optimal skin hydration.
  • Allantoin: Active and soothing keratoplastic, it gives comfort and relief to the after treatment stressed skin.
  • Red algae gel: It contributes to the cosmetic pleasure, giving the skin smoothness and softness.



  • It reduces the regrowth of hair, promoting its thinning and weakening;
  • It restores the skin pure conditions, avoiding infection of the injured part;
  • It gives comfort and relief to the after treatment stressed skin;
  • It prevents reactive hyper-pigmentation.
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