Protocol 506 Reshaping body cream


Protocol 506 Reshaping body cream is a multifunctional treatment able to counteract localized fat deposits, improve skin texture and awaken cell metabolism, therefore achieving a smooth and toned skin. It is suitable for the whole body.



Daily treatment for morning and nights. Apply on the interested areas (arms, legs, belly and hips), gently massaging from the bottom to the top until completely absorbed. It is advisable to massage the area for at least 5 minutes, in order to foster the activation of the ingredients. It is especially recommended in case of aesthetic treatments, such as liposuction, lipolysis, cavitation, lipolaser.



  • Skin training complex: based on Acai and Ginseng, it is able to awaken cell metabolism and foster the synthesis of new collagen, for a more toned and elastic skin.
  • Remodelling complex: based on natural derived active ingredients (bromelain, caffeine, coleus barbatus and menthol), it performs a lipolytic, draining and toning activity to counteract localized fat deposits.
  • Microcirculation enhancing complex: based on vegetal derived actives (from centella asiatica, roots of butcher’s-broom and horse-chestnut) and patented ingredients (X-solve), it fosters skin microcirculation and improve arteriovenous flows, promoting a draining activity.
  • Soothing complex: based on Trehalose, vegetable proteins, Panthenol, Aloe Vera and Olive oil, it has hydrating, elasticizing and protective properties.



  • It helps counteract localized fat deposits on belly, hips, arms and legs
  • It improves skin texture achieving a smooth and toned skin. 
  • It promotes cell metabolism.
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