Protocol 506 Cellulite Nanocream

Protocol 506 Cellulite nanocream acts locally on cellulite and improves venous and lymphatic microcirculation.

Contrary to common anti-cellulite products, it does not cause itching, redness or effects heat-cold. It is easily absorbed thanks to the formulation of the active ingredients in nanoparticles immediately assimilated by the skin. The product does not has contraindications and it is possible for long lasting treatments.



Protocol 506 Cellulite nanocream, thanks to the synergic action of its active ingredients, visibly improves the appearance of “orange peel skin” and confers tone and firmness to tissues for a smooth and elastic skin.



Apply locally twice a day with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.



  • Phosphatidylcholine: it acts effectively against localized adiposity and decreases the appearance of cellulite.
  • Protocol Δ: DirectaLab license complex with a strong lipolysis effect. It contains Carnitine, Pantetheine, Cysteic acid, Caffeine and Guaranà extract. It reduces the pad of fat thickness and promotes the hydrolysis process, reducing the appearance of orange peel.
  • X-solve: Purified Ximeninic Acid micro-encapsulated. It improves microcirculation disease particularly important in case of cellulite.



  • It reduces the appearance of “orange peel” skin.
  • It acts on subcutaneous fat layers.
  • It has a lymphatic drainage action.
  • It relieves the feeling of heaviness in legs
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