Protocol 503 Hyper-moisturizing body spray


Fluid spray, easy to apply, with a quick absorption. Immediate and extremely effective hydrating and lenitive action even in those cases in which the severity of the skin dryness causes major disturbances. Without preservatives or fragrance. Hypoallergenic: suitable for all skin types.



It moisturizes body skin, by giving a perfect comfort after bathing or showering; the immediate absorption makes its use suitable even just before getting dressed.



  • Tri-solve™: Unique ingredient that combines the essential lipids of the cell barrier, cholesterol-ceramide-free fatty acids, with trehalose, a highly moisturizing sugar.



  • Performs a strong moisturizing, soothing and restructuring action, providing the skin with a proper protection and a constant hydration.
  • Allows for definitive repair of the skin barrier also improving the skin's appearance.
  • By the use of only one ingredient, it reduces the absorption of sensitizing and chemical agents.
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