Protocol 206 Lift effect Eye contour

 As it is very thin, physiologically poor in adipose tissue and undergoes 1000 daily muscular movements, eye contour is the most delicate area of our skin and therefore needs targeted and specific measures to counteract wrinkles, expression marks, dehydration and cutaneous laxity.



Protocol 206 Lift Effect Eye contour is a treatment specially developed in DirectaLab Laboratories to meet the targeted needs of the periocular area; thanks to its selected active ingredients, it ensures an anti-aging result already since its first applications.



Apply daily to clean skin, gently massaging the product on the periocular area avoiding eyelids.



  • Stevia Extract: special active ingredient able to reduce involuntary muscles contractions, therefore counteracting and preventing the advent of wrinkles and expression marks.
  • Protocol Alfa: DirectaLab patent with an anti-oxidant and anti-radical activity, 5 times more effective than Vitamin C in reducing free radicals up to 50%.
  • Hydrating And Protective Complex: based on the patented active Tri-Solve® (trehalose, ceramides and cholesterol) and on a mix of oils and Shea Butter, it is able to restore skin barrier by ensuring the proper protection and hydrating level to skin.
  • Oat Derived Natural Complex: it prevents redness and irritation in the periocular area, protecting skin from external aggressions and ensuring a lenitive effect.



  • It reduces wrinkles and fine lines with a lifting effect.
  • It promotes a moisturizing and soothing activity in the periocular area.
  • It protects skin from environmental stress.
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