Protocol 206 Anti-age Hand Cream


Authentic Beauty anti-ageing treatment for hands. Rich and creamy emulsion easily absorbable, designed to ensure a complete daily anti-age hands protection with optimal hydration.



Spread the cream on skin hands and nails, and massage until absorbed. The not greasy texture leaves a perfect comfort and doesn’t damage the nail polish. Considering its anti-aging action, it is recommended to repeat the treatment all year.



  • Anti-ageing complex alpha protocol: Anti-oxidant and anti-radical, it promotes the repair of connective tissues with the production of new collagen. The result: a drastic reduction of wrinkles and an increased skin firmness.
  • Hyaluronic acid: It promotes a deep hydration and helps to preserve the youth and health of the skin by providing uniformity, elasticity and tone.
  • Lightening complex: Azeloglicina based, a substance with a brightening, moisturising and firming action. It makes the skin brighter, while preventing and reducing the formation of sun spots.
  • Olive and camellia oil: Their conditioning and protective properties promotes their softening action. They have excellent skin restoring and moisturising capacity.
  • Solar filters: For a UVB rays protection.



  • It performs a particular anti-ageing action and protects against UVB rays preventing photo ageing
  • Completely moisturizes, leaves luminous, soft and silky hands
  • Gives an immediate feeling of comfort and is therefore pleasant to use.
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